Friday, March 13, 2009

Sinus Infection

I bit the bullet and went to the walk-in clinic this morning, there was no one else there. Whew...I hate going, everyone else there is sick, and obviously they have germs that I don't want.

I got crap for not using the Nasonex that Dr. MynameisRoy prescribed for me last month and some other pills that I hope I'm not allergic to. I read the side effects, I won't be going on my Hawaiian milkshake drinking laying on the beach trip while on these pills.

I have things I want to do things to create, but found that after a day of doing little things, like stitching buttons to flowers and fixing my camera strap, I was totally exhausted. So the next day I drank rotten Neocitron and slept for 1/2 the day. I did feel better and coughed less that night.
And just incase you are tired of hearing me whine about being sick, here's a picture of me to remind you of how cute I am when I'm not sick.

That's me and my mommy, I might still have that dress. Grandpa still has that couch. In the back ground behind my mom's head is the radio/intercom that we played with as kids. It was probably a very new trendy thing when the house was built, as kids we liked to hide in the bedrooms and use the intercom, but the best thing, you could be outside and hear the radio too. My grandparents always had the radio on, even when they went out, because if no one is home, the radio will make theives think you are.


RAE said...

What a sweet photo! Playing with the intercom as a kid would be so cool! I sure hope you feel better soon!

Shannon Wyman said...

That photo is pretty stinkin' cute, lol. I really hope your feeling better soon!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Loved the photo. It is always fun to look back, huh? Hope you are feeling better soon!