Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When you are sick, silly things make you LOL! {*Updated*}

funny pictures of cats with captions
Which is exactly what I do when I'm listening to Beyonce's All the Single Ladies.

I used to find some different colour combos for some cards. educational news...It's report card day. I'm so out of the loop that when Emily said she got on the Principal's List I thought "Damn, I should have made sure she took that Socials test that she missed the other day!" but then Kerry said that the Principal's List was better than the Honour Roll that she made last term. Whooo Hooo!


Tara said...

Yay Emily! Good job!

RAE said...

WTG E! How proud you must be! Your cards are awesome! I got the scrappy feeling today so am going to work on my stamped image swap tonight and maybe make a card.

Shannon Wyman said...

Congratulations Emily!

Kelli your cards are fantastic, and I had a good chuckle at your 'dance like no one is watching' picture.

lois said...

Wow...that is great!