Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yard Maintenance

We did some major work on the yard on Sunday. Kerry finished pruning the rest of the trees. We decided that tree pruning was something we could do on our own, after having my 80 yr. old grandpa do it the first year we owned the house. We didn't want to be responsible for broken grandpa. So with some 'guidance' from me, Kerry learned how to prune. I can prune just fine, and I'm happy to do it, runs in the blood, but I'm not so happy to climb the ladder. I can climb, kind of, but I can't use my arms for anything other than holding on for dear life.
I found this, I think it's a rhododendron, but can't really remember, it was bigger, had flowers on it when I got it as a gift from my mom. But then I planted it in the ground, looked at it, and then Linus came alone. So I'm very happy to see it is trying to thrive. I'm planning some kind of blockade to protect my few remaining plants.

The back yard after the massacre. Kerry gregariously trimmed the walnut tree because it was either that or as Kelli wanted take it down. I love the sound of a chainsaw in spring! But common sense prevailed and the largest shade making tree gets to stay another year.
Our trusty, rusty, concrete mixing construction reject wheelbarrow. I think this baby cost us $25 from Bob the Builder and has been the best, heaviest wheelbarrow ever. I decided it could use some sprucing up. So ....
I photoshopped the crap out of it! Lovely!

The mailman brought this for me. When I first saw it and said "it will be mine" and now it is. Although I have no idea what to do with it. Or even how to use it, I will Google that.
I've had a busy Tuesday. I woke up, yay me! I made buscuits for Emily. I sorted my huge SU order, went grocery shopping, dropped off 6 orders, did my banking, raked yard, did dishes, unloaded groceries, vacuumed, did my Wii Fit, slaughtered some Rabbids, photoshopped some pictures, and ate lunch all before 1 pm. Now I'm finished blogging, I will google the stamp, pay some bills and watch Y&R.


RAE said...

I get tired just listening to what you do in a day LOL. I got dressed, sat at the computer all morning, went to physio, got coffee and am sitting in front of the computer again...I am beat! I did get half of your flowers done last night. Tonight the other half. They'll be in the mail soon.

Veronica said...

man I think I need a nap after listening to your list of things you accomplished!!

I went to work!! :)