Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kickin' It Old School {updated}

Many moons ago, I purchased and read Stacy's book, Photo Freedom ( Although I didn't feel instantly freed from my photos, I did put the plan into action. I organized the We Love way...People We Love, Places We Love, Dogs We Love But Sometimes Hate, etc. And then I left well enough alone. Fast forward to January, when everyone feels the need to purge, organize, and clean their spaces. I gave Kerry a photo box and our large Rubbermaid container of emphemera and said "put the pictures you want to keep in this box, recycle the ones you don't want, don't touch my stuff" and he did just that. He sorted the photos and then for some strange reason, instead of "Place We Love" he organized in "the envelopes they came in" and then put the lid on the box.

Fast forward to today...I'm sick of seeing that darn Rubbermaid container sitting there at the end of the desk, it's in the way. Oh, wait, it's freakin' Christmas ornaments! Where the f@#$ is that container of crap? I found it, and it is still filled with 20, yes, 20 years of cards, cards from Shaun's baby shower, our wedding, every single birthday since then, Emily's baby shower, class photos for both kids and....sweet mother of pearl...33 of these babies!!! Now to find my 45 record player...I bet no one even sells the needles anymore...I can't wait to shout "Drop the needle!" Oh, Billy Idol, Cyndy Lauper, Poisen, Patrick Swayze, the Cars, those were the days. Now I have about 6 songs on my ipod.

We played this oldie lots in our childhood, it was originally my moms. She probably would have tossed it out or donated it to, or sold it at a garage sale, she can let things go. I did not get that trait from her. Although I do remember a green garbage bag full of cards in her closet that we used to play with as kids.
And I just finished cutting and binding this...It's not even close to being finished but I had to share it. I used the cards from the kwerner's kit and SU's Parisian Breeze papers. The MOM and flower aren't even adhered but you get the idea, it's a MOM book!


RAE said...

That mom book looks awesome! Guess what I got today? Flowers!!! They are gorgeous. I started mine and will get them out on Sat or Mon. I was happy to see that I will be doing a few that are different than yours, as its all about variety, right?

Lacintha said...

Wowzer Kell!
Lookit your collection of "seven singles" (that's what we called them)...I totally dig all that music..what an awsome find!

Brenna said...

Love your 45's...I still have some of those in a box somewhere too, lol.

Veronica said...

Totally love it!!! The journalling about Kerry going through all the pictures. Love that MOM book too. Can you remind me of the binding machine/system you got. I am thinking I really need it now.

By the way....we had way different tastes in music......! But then...maybe I am older than you!