Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday Morning Blahs

I am going to rant, and complain, and whine...that's fair warning.

1. I'm done with the snow. -14 with the wind chill today with the chance of bring-out-the-idiot-drivers flurries this evening. Oh, joy of joys! Yippee skippee! I cannot wait.

2. I've popped a rib out. I'm no dr. or chiropractor, but this is how I see it, I could be wrong. It's a rib that is attached to my sternum, it is actually out on the back side, but it feels like I imagine a heart attack feeling. After last night, I also know that Kerry is no chiropractor either. I know, go to the chiropractor. But...refer back to #1.

3. I've found in my old age that...
a. I look just like I did when I was in grade 8. That's a plus I guess. I mean really, if you find a hairstyle that you like, stick with it for 20 years.
b. I pick up every single germ on the market. The drug manufacturers love me now.
c. it's harder to lose weight. Really, a diet of potatoes and popcorn doesn't work anymore.

4. We have a lot of little 2 hour projects that need to be done. Need to! Like finishing the trim. By the time we finish it, the room will have to be repainted again, so really maybe we should just leave it. God forbid we ever decide to really move...we would have to spend months fixing the house up.

5. It might have been Super Hero day at Emily's school. Last night at 9 pm. she says "I need a cape" so I tell Kerry to get out the costumer box. Both kids say "Costume box? Since when do we have one of those?" Geez...It's got a witch, vampire, Winnie the Pooh, and a ninja costume in it. Emily went with the vampire cape, of course, when we got to school it looked like all the other superheros were incognito so off came the cape.

6. We were discussing code names after watching a very slow 3 starred The Good Shepard. Very quickly, without any thought I declared that my code name would be Coco Puff Violet. And now I have a new nickname. Darn my quick witted-ness. So I made up an even better reason...I'm kind of sweet and bitter, like coco, I'm puffy (see #3-c above) and I can make you purple if you call me that!

7. I'm disgusted that ancient Victor and can't conceive Ashley are expecting.


Veronica said...

You have got to be kidding!!!?? Ashley preggo!!!?? Isn't Victor old enough to be a great grandfather now??

I am like you and catch every germ around...if I can make it to Friday I will be really lucky!!!

Hang in there kiddo!!!

RAE said...

Ha ha...#4 & 5 could be us. I just avert my eyes to all the 2 hr projects that need to be done here. It's not easy to do b/c every room has stuff in it that should be done. As if that's not enough, there's also the yard and driveway too! Can you believe Vic and Ash? Isn't he in his 60's now? That's gross! Ash has gone all soft & lovey dovey now with her character. I like her better when she's in her tough as nails business woman character.

Jenn said...

just want to comment on #1 - could be worse, it's going to be -32 here tonight! but at least it's sunny! Hope you get better soon!

Shannon Wyman said...

Well Kelli, I throughly enjoyed this post... too funny!!