Tuesday, March 03, 2009

sparkle sparkle

I picked up some wide double sided tape, and some super fine glitter and played around a bit. I'm sure if I had made my hunny a Valentine's day card, this one would have been perfect!

I practiced and did my calligraphy homework. I can honestly say "I suck!" It's so terribly hard for me to get the hang of it. So for all you that think I can do almost anything, I can't do calligraphy, I mean I can do it, but well, you can see the results. We had to make a card, and it had to have a pattern using the letters we have learned. I do like my flower, even if I didn't stamp it in the middle of the square and managed to get some ink on the edge. I'm so over it.

I'm thinking I need to purge and organize a few things...what do you think?

And check that out, just about 12 o'clock and I'm watching the last few minutes of Y&R. Bad Billy, Bad Sharon, ick, needs eye bleach.


RAE said...

Ya,I need to purge too. I'm going to get a bin and start putting scrap stuff in it for the next scrappy garage sale at a LSS. Its hard though b/c I hate to get rid of anything. I just know when I get rid of something I'm going to decide I really needed that and might go buy it again LOL

Shannon Wyman said...

If that's your first attempt at calligraphy, I think it's pretty darn good!

I love your rail system!

Heather said...

Your room looks pretty organized to me!!!!! Can you come and organize my room? ;)

Is that the wide tape from Amanda's...so cool isn't it? My first attempt was with the cricut...should have started with punches!!!
...and you know how much I lOVE glitter!!!