Monday, March 02, 2009

OMG I got in!!!

Okay, here's the scoop....I have wanted to get into to Karen Russell's photography class for a while, ever since I knew she existed. I love her photos of her super cute kids. But of course so does everyone else and the class sold out in 2 minutes last time. When I saw that she had 2 more coming up, I thought I would try. And here's my reasoning, the economy in the U.S. is pretty bad, so maybe, just maybe less people will be spending money on photography classes.
I thought that was pretty good reasoning. And apparently it worked. I got in!
I tried for the first class, it starts ASAP, in March. Not the best time for pictures in Kelowna, but I thought by the time it ended I'd be able to take wonderful pics at the reunion and Tara's wedding. The class was full in less than 2 minutes. So I figured WTH...I'll try for the June-Aug. class, and I got in!
I am so excited.
You might notice I'm not at work, I decided I would have to go in a bit later, to be able to make the 9 am. registration, and it just happened to be fate that Emily isn't going to school because she's sick. I think she's been fighting something off for about a week. I really wish she'd just get full blown sick and be done with it.
Off to tell my camera that she's got big things in her future!


RAE said...

woohoo!!! yay for you!

Yolanda Robinson said...

I"m going to try really hard not to hate you...
I'm over it...

Cheryl said...

LUCKY!!! I'm totally envious.