Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snakes on a Plane and Creativity

We took Emily to see Coraline today. It was good, but it's not a younger child movie, even says in the description that it may frighten young children. If you like Tim Burton, and weird is your thing, then go see it.

I'm watching half-assedly watching Snakes on a Plane and full-assedly scrapbooking. I haven't seen the movie but have a little interest in it seeing as how Bruce James, which isn't his real name, is in the movie. I grew up with him and his brother and sister, his parents still live in the same house only blocks away from here, right next to the bowling alley of last night. He looks the same as he did in school. It's weird seeing him on tv. Anyway, the movie stinks.
The on-line crop at has motivated me. I did this layout for DYL and one of the artfreckles challenges. Picture makes me look like I'm in pain, I'm over it.

Used a photo from last night's bowling that I photoshopped the crap out of to make it useable. Made that little cupcake too.

And a spring/Easter card. Loving that Forest Friends set.


Tara said...

10:55?!?!? 5 minutes past bedtime... wow!

You've been busy - I like your pages, but, as usual, can't read your journaling in the 411 page... Cute card!

Angie Tieman said...

Wow! Awesome stuff! Love that scrapbook page of you! And thanks for the good laugh at your assessment of Snakes on a Plane! Do you watch Two and a Half Men? There's a good bit about the movie here:

Shannon Wyman said...

Kelli glad you joined in on the crop... your pages are awesome!