Thursday, March 19, 2009

The rest of the week in pictures, and lots of words.

Just in case you are wondering, I'm still a little bit sick. The Dr. said something along the lines of "with that medication, don't expect to get better after the week is up, you should have had 2 weeks worth" she did not offer me another weeks worth. I told her I still felt like crap and it's been almost 4 weeks and this is what I've been taking and she said "you could be feeling crappy for awhile still" I couldn't hear anything else she said because I was too busy having a temper tantrum on the floor. She did however tell me that she liked my Wonder woman t-shirt and that I was hot and clammy. I would have just settled for hot.

Tuesday, I made it to the last and most fun calligraphy class. We used watercolour paints as ink. and made this little accordion book to highlight something alphabetically. I decided to do ME! Alphabetically, I'm hard to describe, but with Kerry's help I got my list done 5 min. before leaving for class. Considering I missed the class on spacing my letters, I did pretty good.

I'm very thankful I have friends that still call me and worry about me, even though I haven't been up to making phone calls myself. The best news came yesterday after I was complaining about still being so burnt out, Nurse T. said "of course you feel like crap after doing so little, your body is working hard fighting an infection and if you looked at your blood (which I would never do, ever), you would see this." We had a nice conversation, I felt a bit better, and we made some tentative plans to do something soon.

Some pictures of what I can see while I'm laying on the couch watching too much tv, waiting to get better.
Sally, looking very sorry for me.

Very blurry Linus, wiping his face after he had popcorn. Check out his toy stash.

Linus, looking very sorry for himself.

Both dogs, waiting for me to pass out so they can eat me. Close your eyes, you are getting sleepy, you want to have a nap.

My most exciting mail. My Office Rewards from Office Depot. I get a card with a $16.39 credit. If you could see the left side of the flyer, you would also see the amount I have spent on ink to get that $16.39.

There's a golden retriever in this picture. Can you see him?

And yes, even sick, I have to make dinner. Good thing for 'the book' which is what we call the America's Test Kitchen Family cookbook now. Pizza Margarita, delish. Made a double batch so Kerry could share at work.

German Apple Pancake, yummy! No left-overs.
And the pan sauces for pork chops are great, I want to lick the pan. Shaun made the pasta with roasted red peppers and chorizo sausage, spicy but good. Kerry made peanut butter bars, but over baked them a couple min. which made a huge difference, still edible though. Twice baked potatoes! Emily ate 2 of them! Every single thing we have made from this book has been great!
I've got some work today, I realized after napping the evening away yesterday, that today I have a class! I'm not ready for it, not at all. I'm hoping my SU order comes today so that we can play with the new stamps I ordered.
One good thing...I think the Nasonex helps me sleep. I am usually a light sleeper, I wake up maybe 3 times a night if not more, I hardly ever have a good sleep. Dad has sleep apnea, narrow nasal passages, polyps, snores. While I don't think I have apnea, I do have the narrow passages, and polyps, I'm always stuffed up, but the last 5 days or so, I have slept well and not been stuffed up! The downside...I should be able to sleep late, no school to wake up for, no alarm, but I wake up when the phone rings, every morning this week at 8 am. EVERY morning and not the same person every day. I shouldn't complain, I'm getting 18 hours of sleep a day.


Shannon Wyman said...

Awww... sorry your still feeling yucky, but your pictures are great! ;)

Anonymous said...

Even being sick you are keeping busy! I would have called for pizza delivery! The dogs look like they are being silly to entertain you! And I also got TNBC with the download but I couldnt make it work :( I suppose I could try again, its been 6 months after all!! Feel better soon!!

RAE said...

German apple pancake...sounds yummy!
Love the photos of the dogs, I have to go show D now b/c anything with them in it I show him. We feel like we know your doggies, we've seen so many photos of them LOL...more than your kids :)