Monday, April 20, 2009

Can't find it.

I searched the web and can't find the funniest thing I've ever seen.
Last night on AFV, a couple of girls found a squirrel stuck in a hole in a tree. They video taped themselves trying to pull the poor thing out by his back legs. The one girl had mittens and a jacket on and was getting such a workout, she had to take her jacket off, the other girl was making squirrel sounds to coax him out. This goes on for awhile, then they show two girls yanking on that poor squirrel, one has his tail, the other has both back legs and no kidding they are pulling and using a sawing motion to loosen that sucker out. He pops out and runs away, no doubt swearing at them. I almost peed myself. AND for the first time in the history of my watching that show, the video that made me laugh the most one! Those squirrel saving girls won $10,000. When interviewed about their video, 2 of the girls said they were raised on a farm, and used their calf birthing skills to help "birth the squirrel from the tree!" Hence the up and down motions while yanking him out. I'm sure that squirrel had bark slivers on his belly.

I'm using my America's Test Kitchen Baking book to make bread. I started this morning before work, and the loaf is just finishing rising. If all goes well, no one else will no I made bread because I will have eaten it all before they get home. I've done that before and had to make another loaf.

I used up my 'truck load' of rocks in the flower beds. It didn't go far. It wasn't an actually truck load, unless you have a baby Tonka truck. Kerry was too scared to put too much weight in his truck so the load was only about 1/4-1/3 of his truck bed full. I was not impressed. If he had gotten a little more, I would be finished filling my flower bed. My mom said when they went they got almost the whole scoop in dad's truck. Kerry on the other hand probably didn't get half of it in his truck. Scaredy cat.


RAE said...

Thats too funny about the squirrel! Reminds me of when I rescued a squirrel from our neighbors above ground pool. A squirrel had fallen in, was exhaustedly swimming around and around but couldn't figure out how to climb up the ladder. I saw this from my back porch so raced over there in my nightie, fishing net in hand and scooped him out, laying him on the ground. My poor neighbor who had just recently moved in, looks out her back window to see (me) a nightie clad woman with hair sticking out all over (not brushed yet) bending over her pool at 7:30 in the morning. I think I scared the crap out of her. I bet she thought some homeless lady had wandered in or something! The squirrel laid on the ground for about an hour, not moving (we thought he might have died) but then he jumped up and ran away.

Kelli said...

That's too funny, Rae!