Thursday, April 23, 2009

I loved the look of this little notebook I found on SCS, so I cased it and made it a card.
Got my inspirations for this card from Scrapbooks Etc.

Tried colouring with pencil crayons. Don't you just hate it when you sharpen your pencil and the lead keeps breaking? How frustrating.

Forsyth-E-ah or Fors-Eye-thia? How do you say it?

Snuck a picture of Emily's drawing. I could take a guess and say it's Full Metal Alchemist's Edward Elric, but that doesn't match up with the FMEEH that she has on the side. I love that she used gray Copics to colour the whole thing, except the eyes. Kerry and I joked about getting her to design a tattoo of the kids and the dogs in her Manga style, and she has done one, we are just too chicken to get it done.

I made bread from scratch the other day. It was a long waiting period, and I doubt I'll make a habit of it. We have a bread machine, lent it to my mom years ago. Kerry was making bread every day and I was getting nausious from the smell of bread baking. That machine was a wedding gift, 14 years ago and it's still working.
Which brings me to another topic...It's been 16 years, almost to the day, since Kerry and I started dating. And I still LIKE him. I think it's one thing to love the one your with, but you need to really like them too. In a couple weeks, we'll celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary.
I had mentioned my sugar issues, I've been to the dr. and she said I may have a sugar sensitivity. I'm a salty person, so I don't eat a bunch of sugar regularly, my coffee is flavoured with sugar-free syrup. I'm not overly sad about having to avoid sugar. I had to fast for 12 hours and went for blood testing today, as did half of Kelowna. I think that the very nice tech took 4 vials of my precious ruby red blood, only because my dad had the test done a few weeks ago and that's what he said she took. I can't watch. I will pass out. I did tell her to try my left arm, because last time the tech had to do both arms because she couldn't find the vein. I told this tech that the veins had shriveled up, she said they had because of the fasting, I said ya, maybe that and maybe because they are hiding from you! She then found a vein in my right arm. I was a little worried as she said "I think I've found one". It only hurt a little, I didn't look, not even a sneaky peeky. And I didn't cry, cuz sometimes that happens too. I made it to the bathroom after to pee in that ridiculously small cup, and all over my hand, and no one had to break down the door to revive me, they threatened that last time. I'm a little sensitive to having my blood removed.
I came home and had my coffee 3 hours late and surprisingly enough I didn't get a headache from not having it on time. But I'm freezing cold, could be lack of blood, or the fact it's only 2 degrees and trying to freakin' snow!!!


Wanita said...

Ugh....I have to do the blood/urine test too...glad I didn't go in this I'm the opposite of you...I watch them suck the blood out of me...bahaha.

Wanita said...

Oh yeah, I meant to post that we have the "wedding gift bread machine" too! DH asked for it! Not used so much anymore ;)

RAE said...

Trying to snow???? Are you kidding me! You poor thing! I shouldn't tell you that I'm not wearing a coat during the day now and all my flowers are starting to bloom LOL See, told you there might be a sugar/glucose kind of thing going on...just call me Dr. Rae LOL If you do eat sugar, its a good thing to try to eat some protein too. I hope that knowing this will make things better for you. At least you'll be able to pick and choose when you have it and you'll know what it does to you.

Veronica said...

right there with you honey on the taking of my blood!!! not too thrilled with it! but I guess is has to be done! Hope all goes well with you...let us know how it goes!

Sharon said...

Wonderful projects, I love them all :)