Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday's walk in the park

We did something we said we would never do. We bought one of those pinchy pokey collars for Linus. He's so stubborn, he's impossible to walk. He's got his own agenda, and 2 sessions of obedience and 6 other collars didn't help one bit. And he's stronger than I am so I take my life in my hands everytime I go out with him. But now, with on jerk he's paying attention, kind of, at least he can walk out in public and it doesn't look like he's dragging us. So, with hope in our hearts we took him on Kerry's dream walk. Ever since we have gotten a dog, he's wanted to be able to walk a dog downtown on the boardwalk...I could care less if I take those rotten scoundrals out and about. Sally could care less too, but Linus, he's our social butterfly and so it was a great day for him. We also made the furless kid go with us, with bribery, 1 Copic marker and an icecream.

Outside the art gallery we found a tumble weed, kind of weird for the middle of downtown. Maybe it was a gallery installation? Anyway, everyone had to pose with it.

Linus had to try the water, now he smells bad. Yes, he looks sad, but when a dog doesn't have a tail it's kind of hard to tell when he's happy.

Her eyes are closed, by accident, but really, she hates these half naked statues and I made her sit beside them, so it's probably eyes closed on purpose. I wanted her to lay down and pose but she wouldn't have any of that.
Then for icecream, and they have free baby cones, for babies, I asked if they were free for dogs, and they were. 1 plain vanilla baby cone for a pretty good dog! He got lots of compliments, mostly from the homeless looking people...gorgeous boy, so well behaved, what a good dog! What they didn't see was the pokey collar and the dog that tried to snatch a sandwich from an unsuspecting couple on a bench.
Kerry: Please take a picture of that car!
Guy with camera phone to his friend: Stand beside it and I'll take your picture.
Me: What the heck?
Kerry:It's a Lotus, it's my favourite colour. Sigh.
Me: It's across the street from Kelly O'Bryans and patchos. Sigh.
Other things to note:
Lots of motorbikes, lots of police pulling them over.
The power was out downtown, almost all businesses, except the icecream parlour were closed.
We saw a woman, Kerry didn't know what she was doing, neither did I, but whatever it was, she was breathing really heavy. We think her workout was skipping, jogging, high stepping, Irish dancing and speed walking. Everyone gave her lots of room on the boardwalk.
Kerry was thrilled to be able to walk his dog downtown.
Kelli was 100 feet from the scrapbooking store and didn't want to go in.


Rarinstamp said...

So if I come for a walk downtown do I get a Copic marker? lol Looks like it was enjoyable. We have a Lotus exactly like that just 2 blocks over and it is nice!! And you didn't even hit the LSS - what's up? Willpower Kelli!!

Shannon Wyman said...

bribary... 1 copic marker and an icecream... LOLOLOL!

RAE said...

I'd go for a walk for a Copic. We took our dogs to the neighborhood park this wkend. It was so warm and sunny out. The sun & heat felt weird LOL

Anonymous said...

That looks like a great walk! And I LOVE the mini cone for the dog!! How fun!I keep hearing about these Copic markers and I havent reseached them, I guess I should do that now to stay in the loop!! Its spring break here, so I have to keep a 10 year old occupied, wish me luck! And have a great week :)