Saturday, April 18, 2009

UFC agression

Emily's friend thought UFC stood for Unicorn Fight Championship. That I'd go to see!

I'm no pro, but the big fight, Silva vs. Leites was the worst fight I have ever seen. Leites spent so much time on his back, it was ridiculous. Silva was angry, the crowd was angry. GSP was in the crowd, dress up in a spiffy suit, during the Silva fight the crowd was chanting for GSP, he was probably angry too. It was that sad. It was a waste of training.

I learned a few moves and put them to use on Kerry. I have mastered the Hammer Fist, will use it on Linus too, saw the Superman used a few times, have yet to tried it, and tried a Head Lock and an Arm Bar on Kerry but he got out of them, I have no upper body strength. I punched Ryan, the pro mntn. biker in the leg when he commented on how fit my dad USED to look (he's wirey, but I could probably take him, I've probably got 25 lbs. on him.) We were watching old CHBC coverage on dad from his Ironman days, back when he had a smaller waist than I do. A sad night all around.


Lisa T. Howard said...

LOL! You have me cracking up here! Sounds like you guys had a great time watching, and re-creating the fight! BTW, I go away for the weekend and miss so much. You were a blogging fool this weekend, girl. I've enjoyed catching up! And your baby book and the cards are fantastic! Hope you have a great week!

P.S. I've been meaning to thank you for participating in my birthday give away. I love seeing that you've stopped by for a visit. You can always put a smile on my face. Love ya!

Amy said...

lol I watched the replay today and I have to agree, very disappointing!! I have decided my blog is going to be pretty much Disney related from now on, cause thats about all I do! And if you are going to be making a trip down here this year, or whenever, I would love to meet you at the park! I keep telling David you crack me up!

RAE said...

You mastered the Hammer Fist...that sounds impressive!

Amy said...

Yah, Im on facebook amy weyhing jones. Im on right now!