Friday, April 17, 2009

Use an ugly thing to make a few pretty things.

I needed to get a few cards ready for class last night and I thought after my terrible morning, I'd have a hard time. I was wrong. I used that negative energy and turned it into fuel for the most beautiful sympathy card I've ever made, it's also one of the only ones I think I've made. I've been lucky and haven't had to make them, but this year has started of with the need for me to actually purchase a sympathy stamp set and use it. I love this set, Thoughts and Prayers.
Then I tried to make a 'Spring Card' with the instructions for SCS. But I piled on the embellishments and the front of the card was too heavy so I had to improvise. I put the 'Spring Card' on the front of a 6x6 card. It's a huge waste of paper, but I think it's a pretty card.

I made another card, using the Wild About You set, but it accidently went home with someone else. I'll get it back and post a picture of it.
I picked up the Burger First flat buns from the Superstore. It's a great idea, but what's with the holes? If you look closely, you can see the ketchup and mustard oozing out the holes. I guess if I put lettuce on the burger, between the ketchup/mustard and the bun, it would be a barrier. But doesn't that mess with the order of things? And the bun was big, way bigger than any hamburger patty I've ever seen.
We served toast to more kids today, more than yesterday, more than the day before. The program is sponsored by the Rotary Club, a few Rotarians volunteer, and I believe a local pastor and his wife organize it, some teachers help serve toast too. It's great to see these kids come in, at first tentatively, they don't have money, they are unsure of how much to take, but then you tell them, take the toast, the juice, the fruit snacks, and a NAPKIN and they light up, "It's FREE!" None of them takes advantage and takes too much, they are all very polite. Some come back for seconds, some have special orders, which of course we can't always handle, but when it's a shy looking kid who wants just honey or a thin couple of girls who just want butter, what's the harm!
But what always gets me, and maybe it's part 2 of yesterday's post...where are the parents? There are probably more than 800 students, maybe as many as 1200, I really don't know, and I am the only parent that has been there for the last 3 days. There is one grandmother, her granddaughter is a student. Of course, my child has had breakfast, she and her friends come in every morning, a couple of her friends have not had breakfast so they get their toast, juice, etc. and hang out. ( She opts to take the bus than ride to school with me, but sits and chats for 45 minutes with us.)
What we hear a lot of is "I didn't have time" and "I had some breakfast but I'm still hungry", I know these are teen-aged kids, I know they can feed themselves, but do their parents try to feed them, do they know their kids haven't had breakfast, do these kids have a lunch, is there food in their house for them? Hopefully, these are the kids we are feeding.
I'd be interested to know if their attention spans have increased since we started this program.
So I'm hoping my faith in humanity gets renewed! The posts my loyal followers have left have really helped boost my spirits! Thanks!


Tara said...

Pretty cards! I don't have that set, but I like it. I didn't know that those buns had holes in them - how silly is that?!?!?

Veronica said...

I was thinking along the same lines as you with regards to the SYMPATHY cards.....never thought I would have to make them....but now I realize that I will be in a need of a lot of them.

Totally love what you did with yours.

Angie Tieman said...

Hey Kelli! Very pretty cards! Nice reading about your breakfast program for the kids too! Over 90% of our students receive free breakfast and lunches too, and I know what a difference it makes in their lives.

p.s. I did get your address and I mailed your package to you on Monday, April 13! I meant to email you and tell you, oops! Let me know when it arrives! Hugs!

Amy said...

Love the cards!! That bun is kinda weird! I ended up being ok once we got to the parks, I had lots of hot tea and water and felt great til the ride home! I kept my germs to myself. I have a small blanket I wrap over my head when I sleep that I have always done and next time I will consider taking it! It was pretty crowded since its the end of spring break here, but we actually went on several rides and had a fun time!

RAE said...

Very nice cards. I haven't made any sympathy cards yet and hope I don't need to any time soon. That a good thing, you helping out with providing the kids with some food. You have a kind heart!