Monday, April 27, 2009

It's official.

It's all official. I'm on the design team,!

Kerry and I decided we would make an effort to plant and weed the vegetable garden this year. The garden is huge, about a 1/4 of our lot. It's fenced off with chain link, and irrigated, it just never realized that it's a vegetable garden and not a weed factory or litter box for the neighbourhood cats. This year we plan to put it straight. I've picked up a few plants and seed packets, but with the cold weather everything is 1-2 weeks behind, so I can't plant yet. For me, most of the fun is in the planting, and then the picking but not the weeding.


Amy said...

I checked out the Artfreckles site! Very cool! Love the part about you eating potatoes :) Good luck with your huge garden, I will call it a success if I can get my 4 cherry tomato plants to produce any fruits!

RAE said...

Congrats again on your DT news! We have a large weed (garden) patch too and am going to see get quotes on how much to dig half of it out, including a tree, and build a new retaining wall for it. I love the look of gardens but not really into the maintaining part of it LOL