Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pics from Easter

The morning starts of pretty well, the Easter Bunny left some treats on the van, as he does every year. This year, Sally and her keen ears heard the bunny leaving the treats on the van and then we all saw Kelly-Next-Door doing the deed! She has left treats every year since we moved here! We have great neighbours! And she leave my favourites. Which I only ate about 1 little package's worth spread out over Sunday and Monday, and Sunday I had to have 3 20 minute naps after eating them.
The hot cross buns that didn't get all given away, 2 went to Kelly-Next-Door, 2 went to Kerry's mom, some were going to get traded for cabbage rolls but someone ate all the cabbage rolls before the trade off and the rest got eaten up. They were so much better than the store bought ones that Kerry and Shaun ate them too. I cut them, buttered them and then broiled them and they were a huge hit. Sadly, they are all gone. I ate one last night and then fell asleep at 9 and couldn't stay awake to see the last Corner Gas, or Medium. I was a little angry when I was woken up hours later. I need a shirt that says "Don't poke the BEAR!"

Kerry and his new shovel. You'd think the guy had never had a shovel before but this is a straight edge shovel. He's been working wonders with it this weekend.

This bunny said no to the sequins on the ears and wore them backwards. He even got up early to find his eggs. He'll be 20 this year, I wonder if the Easter Bunny will ever stop leaving him treats?
This bunny is jumping on her little trampoline. She was agressively looking for eggs this year and actually found more than her brother. The Easter Bunny hid them too well this year.

The nice thing about the burst mode on my camera is that I can get consecutive action shots like these. Sally found an Easter egg in her ball and that prompted her to play with it all morning so I tried to get a few good shots of her. Linus, ever the jealous dog felt he needed to be in the pictures too.
We had a great dinner at my Grandpa's. My cousin and his family from Maple Ridge came up, we haven't seen them in ages. The kids are getting so big. Candy brought up her Silpada jewellery and it's beautiful but I resisted, it was very hard. I have spent too much on yard plants,(that I said I wouldn't buy) and my photography class and I am trying so hard to be a good girl.


Anonymous said...

Love the bunny ears pics!! My new blog is at www.scrappycupcake.blogspot.com Hope to see you there!

RAE said...

Where did you get such cool bunny ears? You got some great shots! Sorry you missed Medium...I think I gasped when I read that LOL. You missed a good episode. You should download it.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Great photos! Loved the fantastic bunny ears! BTW, what photography class are you taking. One of my goals for 2009 is to try to improve my photography skills. So far, I've taken less photos this year than ever before! *gasp* I am signed up for Karen Russell's class starting in June.

Veronica said...

Just such wonderful times at your house. Love the one of Kerry in the bunny ears!!