Friday, April 03, 2009

Laid Off

Kerry's in the building supply business. For years, there's been a boom but of course this year has been slower, although he says things are picking up. But because his bonus reflects the last year's business, we knew it might be less than previous years. This bonus is what keeps me from having to enter the work force with both feet. We never actually touch it, it gets plunked into RRSP's right away, then we get the income tax return and that usually goes towards paying off big bills, and maybe things like buying the van, the truck and my camera. This year we were told it would be given later in the year, which mucks up RRSP time, but oh, well, at least he's getting one. Then we were told it would be less, oh, well, at least he's getting one. Now we were told he'd get a little here, a little there and a little maybe not at all. HOLD THE PHONE! I believe a promise is a promise, and that's my income you're messing with! And my hubby worked his butt of last year to earn that bonus. Anyway...

At least he has a job, a percent of the company got let go recently, his office was untouched, thank goodness! So a smaller bonus means the carport getting fixed might take a bit longer, or just go on credit, it's rotting off the house and has to be done.

We joked about the whole thing, because crying about it doesn't help one bit. It hurts because we took out a rather large amount of RRSP's thinking the bonus would cover it, because the company told us it would, and now the money to pay for it isn't coming in. Oh, well, at least he has a job!

That means I, on the other hand, just got my pay decreased by a substantial amount! My hours are cut back, I still have benefits, but there are things I won't be doing any more. Like vacuuming, cleaning the fridge, picking up dog poop, cleaning out the van, I just don't get paid enough to do that!

But on the plus side, I heard we are on the other side of this economy thing, that people will start spending, I never stopped, and that things will start looking up.

Here a sneakpeek of my layout for class on Monday. I haven't added the pictures yet. I like it just the way it is.

I didn't post these earlier because they were for a swap with Rae, now that she received them, I can post them. We each made 10 layered flowers to mail to eachother. Mine are coming from her soon! I can't wait to see them. I had fun making them, although like Rae, I couldn't part with my first one either.

I'm re-reading Photo Freedom. I need a re-fresher. I plan on sorting my albums, they are in no order what so ever!


RAE said...

It sucks about the bonus thing. I know how you feel, D is getting a little less this yr but things cost more so we just have so much less disposable income these days. I too haven't stopped shopping but I shop smarter and less often.

Can't wait to see what we each do with our flowers. I thought of one more thing to try for your flowers so will make a couple at lunch today. Who needs to eat right? Crafting is more important!

Jenn said...

glad to hear that Kerry still has a job! you had me worried when I read your title. love your new class layout - you will have to post a full picture after you teach your class.

Jo said...

Love your flower swap flowers! I saw Rae working on her's when we were at a crop together. Very very pretty work!!!

Tara said...

I had a little freak out when I read your title... I'm glad Kerry is not laid off.