Saturday, April 18, 2009

Relaxing Saturday? Not around here.

My friend, Nancy Fancy Pants, had asked me to make an awesome baby card that her son and his girlfriend would keep forever. I thought a baby book would be better. They are expecting their first baby in May. I think she said it's a girl, but I went with yellow, greens, and a bit of blue, just in case those ultrasounds are wrong, I didn't want a girly book for a baby boy. It took awhile, that Mellisa Frances flower book is hard to cover and then me and my bright ideas, I decided to remove all the pages and trace them and cut them out of double sided patterned paper and then rebind the book. I finished it this afternoon, after going to Gino's memorial. I have never laughed so much at a funeral/memorial. I never met Gino, but have known his wife forever, it's obvious he was loved and will be dearly missed by many.
Here is my baby book. I used a bunch of different things, like my KI flower paper that was deemed too special to use. The paper is SU. The chipboard letters are Scenic Route.
I printed out the Ali Edwards brushes that I had bought awhile ago and hadn't used. Patterned paper flowers are Sizzix dies.I used lots of Prima flowers, and glittery Making Memories brads. Stamps are SU.
I even put envelopes in it so they can keep some memorabilia, I even put the hearts on sideways. Oops.

Kerry says this is his favourite page. He also said I had better make another one and sell it, it's just that nice. Fat chance. This is a one and only.

And if they don't like it, they can send it back and I'll put baby Linus pictures in it!

So now I'm getting ready for UFC fight night. I don't even know who is fighting. I have lots of pent up stuff. Fight night gets me riled up. I try to pull rear naked choke holds on Kerry, arm bars on Linus, I have to chew my nails off so that when I make fists, my nails don't cut the palm of my hand. I keep joking that I'm going to get some Tap Out clothing to wear to fight night, sometimes I'm not joking. I want those jogging pants with Tap Out on the ass. Yup, those are so me!


Brenna said...

How could anyone not like that? It's gorgeous!!!

Amy said...

Love that baby book!! Its perfect!

Shannon Wyman said...

Oh Kelli.. you and my dh would get along well. He's all into UFC fighting, drives me crazy! LOL

Your book is gorgeous, as are your cards in the previous post.

Kudos to you for volunteering... I agree does make you wonder what situation these kids come from.

Wanita said...

Gorgeous album Kelli!