Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I Won Something!

Angie over at Schwoo picked me! Well, the random integer picker picked me! I won some blog candy! It's always exciting to win something!

Thought this was funny...

On the other hand...we have different fingers. Ha Ha Ha.

I'll be calling the dr. today. I've noticed in the last week or so that when I eat sweets, like cheese cake or truffles(I'm trying to eat better), I fall asleep immediately afterwards, like instantly. Last night I had 4 truffles, even though my limit is 3, over 3 makes me sick, but after class I was craving something sweet so bad that I couldn't stop at 3, Kerry ate 10, the jerk. Then I fell asleep, it was just after 9 pm. Emily tried to wake me up, I acknowledged her, and went back to sleep, only be woken up hours later by Kerry. I did not get to watch Heroes or Medium. I woke up severely pissed off. I've fallen asleep as early as 7 pm and it's a dead sleep.

E.'s been taking the bus, which means she leaves the house much earlier than normal, so I'm off kilter. Usually I drive her, and am back home by 9 am. She's gone at 7:45 am. Really, I could go back to bed until 9 after she leaves. Hmmmm...something to think about.

I have until tomorrow to get my taxes in order. I don't want to. There I said it. It's always an eye-opener to see how much I made and how much I spent. It's terrible having it on paper. I know I have to, I've had months to do it and I had started at the beginning of the year, but then the adding up of receipts put me into shock and I stalled out. I must do it today. Maybe I should eat 4 more truffles and call it a day.

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