Saturday, April 25, 2009

My printer.

This is the printer I have. It's a Canon i9900. I have had it for a couple of years now. I love it, but it's a beast. The box barely fit in the back seat of the car when I bought it. It takes up too much desk space.
-it prints up to 13x19 inches
-it has seperate ink colour cartridges, so when you are out of green, just get a new green.
-it's a Canon, I love Canon
-it's quite
-it comes with a decent photo printing program that can do 4 pics on a 4x6, or the little tiny proofs, so many different options
-it's probably come down in price since I bought it when they were first available
-I love the instant gratification of printing my own photos
-it was/is expensive, I think I paid over $600 for it and no one wanted to sell me one. Staples didn't carry it, Office Depot did, but the guy wanted to sell me an HP, said I'd hate the 8 different cartridges
-only Office Depot carries all the ink colours in town, Staples doesn't carry green, says the machine doesn't even use it, they are knobs at Staples
-8 ink cartridges, at $15 each, do the math, buy them on sale, stock up
-it's size
-sometimes leaves black ink marks on the back of things, not so great for double sided printing, maybe should have been only a photo printer and not an everyday printer, there may be some hope for ink overspray trays being cleaned but it looks like it requires an authorized Canon repairman
-printing program colour is off, a little darker than if I print from Photoshop or Microsoft
Overall, I love it. I love that I can print 12 inch stuff for scrapbooking. I don't know if it's expenseive to run, I never want to work it out. But I do know that my prints are better than Costco, and Walmart, they are right up there with London Drugs, if not better, because I didn't have to leave the house to get them.
I only ever use Canon ink. I read that every brand is calibrated to work best with that brand's ink and paper so I've stuck with that for the most part. I buy my paper when it's on sale and I stock up. I have bought Office Depot brand paper and found it to be decent.

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Veronica said...

wow!! thanks for all the info...not sure what I will be able to get here...we only have staples..