Monday, March 03, 2008

6 degrees of something or It's a small world.

Went to a funeral today. Of the maybe 20 people there, 10 were from my mom's side of the family. And out of the other 10 people, I was related by marriage to 2 of them, and 1 other I had met years ago through other people. It was a very small, very simple funeral.

I found my silly Maya Road scrolls, in the bottom of my AMM tote. A strange place for them but oddly enough I remember putting them there, at least 3 weeks ago. So I was able to get my layout almost done, just needs some final embellishing.

I'm waiting so very patiently for my Silhouette to come. I sure wish I had it for tonight's class. And I finally ordered the Copics my dad has been harassing me to order, I got a few extra things for Emily.

I've got a jam-packed day tomorrow and then I will be able to play some more with my camera. The picture above is from our deck looking about Toovey Road, I used my big lens. I think I will try to remember the technical terms, but for now it's big and little lenses.

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RAE said...

How cool is that! It must be so peaceful sitting out on your deck!
On a more somber note, we too have a funeral to attend in a few days, a co-worker.