Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not quite the best day ever...

but still pretty good.
We had gorgeous weather, good traffic, decent lunch, scrapbooking goodies, but does that make everyone happy, no, we didn't get any Marble Slab Creamery ice cream and that is what I had to listen to for a few miles on the way home. It's pretty sad when the 11 yr. old has to tell the 30-something year old that we can always get the ice cream in town. But I guess if you just got the news that you are being published, then you can complain about something, but only for a short while.

We took our cameras and stopped at Polson Park and got some great pictures. Poor Emily had to be the subject in most of them. The people at the park probably thought she was either very famous or we were crazy child stalkers.

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RAE said...

Great shot of the flower and I love the background in the other two photos! Shh...don't talk about ice cream....I'm trying to be good and stay within my ice cream for me right now.