Sunday, March 02, 2008

I'm supposed to be making my layouts for my class tomorrow but I am dwelling on the fact that I can't find my brand new Maya Road chipboard scrolls. I bought them, I fondled them and then I put them in a secret place, obviously, because if I put them with my other tins of embellishments I would be happily scrapping along. But now I'm focused on finding these things and not focused on the fact I have less than 20 hours to come up with a 2 page layout for my class.
I have decided they are not here, on the computer, nor are they on Facebook, in my sticker box, or in any of my paper holders. They aren't in the bathroom, at the dog park or in Kerry's truck.


Tara said...

Are they in your bag? On your shelf? In a pile? Under a pile? Under a dog? In a dog?

Heather said...

If you were Maya Road chipboard scrolls, where would you be?

Ha ha ha! Somethings never change!
Good luck!

Kelli said...

They were in my AMM tote, how weird is that?

RAE said...

Sadly enough, they aren't here in my scrap room either. If they were, maybe I'd be using them right now!

Kimberly said... glad you found them! hehehe
Love ya,