Monday, March 17, 2008

It's a Theme!

It might be a themed blog if this keeps up. People suck! Not you people but people in general.
While my dad was here on the weekend someone broke into my parent's house, mid-morning, while it was daytime! Again. They took some pretty specific of his bikes, the others were chained together, his helmet, mom's jewellery box, wicker basket, leather hat box, leather jacket, beer, and a few other things...but they left the things like cameras, tv, computer, money, etc. It's quite possible they pulled right in to the carport and maybe had a lookout because dad wasn't gone that long and it wasn't like he was at work or out of town, he was just running errands and visiting.
It brings it home, when people say it doesn't matter if you have dead bolts and many locks on your doors, if they want in, they will get in.
So if you see this very unique, made just for him necklace, please contact me.


RAE said...

That just sucks!

Kimberly said...

That is so LAME! (((hugs)))
So sorry about this for your family! Dang it!