Saturday, March 22, 2008

Samosa Lovin'

Last night, we had my parents over for butter chicken and rice(homemade), naan, samosas and pakoras(Pakora Palace made). The best parts of a good dinner are the delicious leftovers the next day. I love how my new camera can make even a greasy, potato filled Indian pastry look like a piece of art! I could eat these things every day of my life. (it would be a short life, I'm sure, all that potato, grease, and other 'good' stuff!)

Kerry's putting up the molding in the living room and I'm laying low for a few minutes. I'm very excited about this, we have not had fully painted walls and moldings since we moved in almost 10 years ago.
About 2 months ago, a certain boy dog pushed a large chair into an end table and broke the table and knocked a lamp over, breaking the shade. It was salvageable, until today, when Kerry knocked it over putting in the molding. A little bit ago, I asked "What kind of shades are in right now?" to which Kerry replied "I don't know but I bet you can use the Sport Chek GC to get some!" "Lamp shades, Kerry, not sunglasses!"

And last night while having our yummy meal, my parents and Emily were discussing prenuptial agreements. The best way for my dad to explain it to Emily was to use Kevin F. and Brittany S. To which Emily replied "Oh, that's the real meaning of prenuptial? I thought it was the term used to describe your belly button when it turns from an inny to an outy. That's what I heard on TV."

Kerry's mom brought over some Purdy's chocolates for Easter. I love the ribbon, the dots are velvety! The chocolates were delicious, they didn't make it to Easter.


RAE said...

Hmmm...those chocolates look yummy! Love the chat about "prenuptials" LOL!

btw, the 2 peas 12 wks course is awesome...very informative.

Kimberly said...

Love your shots too!
Happy Easter!
Love ya,