Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Right as Rain

I woke up this morning! And decided to walk, yes, walk to the chiropractor before 9 am. This was made less a chore because of my ipod.
He straightened me out so well that I came home, grabbed both dogs and took them for a walk. I know! You are thinking "CRAZY". Good thing I had my ipod in, Emily's Hairspray soundtrack blocked out the sound of the neighbours and other early morning walkers telling me how insane I am to walk two dogs at one time. And it blocked out the sound of the dogs crying because one had the halti on and the other was tied to my waist.
We survived, it wasn't any worse than Kerry and I taking them out together. I won't be heading for coffee or to the dog park with both of them, but at least I didn't get dragged around the block and thank goodness we didn't see a C-A-T!

So this makes up for yesterday's floor grumpiness. Although during my class last night I could hear someone 'scratching' my new flooring and it took all my self control to not run up the stairs to see what was going on. It was Linus...with his bone and he didn't scratch anything.
We held both dogs down and trimmed their nails, what an ordeal. Linus does the bucking bronco until he realizes that Kerry is not going to give up and then he plays dead. When he's done, he lays on the floor and only moves his eyes. It's quite sad. Sally yelps, which makes me cry. Equally sad. And then she runs away in a weird you've-cut-all-my-toes-off run.

Kerry said we aren't getting any more dogs when these two are done. I agreed but then I won't have any thing exciting to ramble on about. I'm getting shafted...no more babies to take pictures of, no more dogs to scrapbook, next he'll tell me no more toys until I master the ones I have.
Got this at DL and love it. I wear it a lot. It's showing slight wear on the sleeve. I told Kerry this was a good reason to go back, that and the fact I want another Wetzel's Pretzel, Dole Pineapple Whip and ride on Indiana Jone's Temple of Doom. Emily said if we went back she would ride all the scary rides that she wouldn't go on before.

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Kimberly said...

Lahoooove that! I need that for my oldest dd. hehehe Love ya,