Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Yay! A long weekend!
It's not even 11 am and Kerry's gone and come back from his bike ride, I've done dishes, pulled shoes and mittens out of a dog's mouth, not once but 4 times, and I've finished 2 lessons of an on-line photography class. I've taken the pictures, labeled them and printed them already. I've got a binder full of lessons and am taking pictures at the end of each lesson and putting them in the binder with the ISO, shutter speed and f-stop printed right on the picture. I figured if I'm not using PS7 to alter my pictures, I can at least use it to label them( an expensive label maker).
We will be starting the molding and trim painting any minute now. We are just waiting for it to warm up a few degrees. So I might get lesson 3 done before the yard foreman finds me.
Emily and I used our almost non-existant sewing skills to make a stuffed blob. She printed a tutorial off the internet and I'm using the excuse that it was not written in English first, but translated from some language that can't be translated to English without losing all meaning. We made a square, not a ball. She needed fibre fill for the inside and called Grandma at work to see if she could bring some home, Grandma said "go to my house and get some from Grandpa". So Emily decided to ride her scooter by herself there. I asked if she knew how to get there, she said "hmmm...I think you go that way, then that way...ya, I think I can get there". And as any responsible parent would do when faced with a vague answer like that, I grabbed the dog, and my camera and off we went. She had her backpack and when we got to Grandpa's she pulls out a thank you letter and some money and puts it in the mail box before ringing the door bell. On the way home she said it wasn't to pay for the fluff, it was a thank you offering, an even amount ($1.50) so that they can split it and buy candy. I said she was very thoughtful and tried not to laugh out loud. Dad says he'll put his half towards his Timmy's coffee. He probably didn't give mom her half.


RAE said...

That is just too sweet! That all sounds like just our family LOL! Bailey would make a card for us and a small gift offering and Darrell would take the money and buy his Timmies Mocha and not even tell me abou it LOL

Kimberly said...

What an eventful day...super fun! LOVE your ideas to print out your photographs with all the f-stop info on it too! xoxo
Love ya,
PS...Have a Happy EASTER! xoxo