Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday's new thing

#1 on the list today is that I discovered I don't like it when people text message while they are supposed to be working. I'm of the 'you're paid to be here to do a job and I'm pretty sure it's not to use your phone' group. I'm also too nice to say "Well, do you think that huge mistake you just made is because you were giving your phone more attention than your job?"

#2 is my arms are still sore from baby hogging. I'd like to say they are sore from putting up moldings and trim or even scrapbooking but it's most likely dog handling and baby carrying. Sad but true.

#3 I didn't NEED the Crop-a-dile Big Bite when I thought I did, I haven't even taken it out of it's package and I've had it for over a month. Sad.

#4 No matter how much 'junk' I remove from our house, more seems to appear, I think it's multiplying like rabbits when I close the door or turn off the light.

#5 Another reason we can see all the scratches on the hardwood...the glossy finish. Kerry said that in the morning without the sun shining on it, he hardly notices the scratches, I replied that it's the same at night, with all the lights off!


RAE said...

I prefer early morning or later in the day too, less light coming in means I can't see all the dirty windows that need cleaning.

Kimberly said...

Ohhhh...LOVE it! Gonna go to bed smiling/giggling at this post!
PS...on your #3...if you want to sell that puppy, I have been really wanting one of these new let me know! heheh