Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Glutton for Punishment

I could be scrapbooking, taking pictures, or anything I wanted to do. But instead I decided to organize my receipts for tax purposes. Yes, we leave it to the very last minute. And because our FA is coming tomorrow night, I am panicking...I can't remember if she's coming for RRSP reasons, Tax reasons, or Bonus reasons. I try to be a people pleaser, it's hard, so with that in mind, I have a few things that need to be done before she gets here, 1 being get my receipts out of the drawer (not shoebox) where I have been stuffing them for a year.
This is always a sad chore. Sad because I realize that I have spent enough money on printer ink and photo paper to buy a small country. Sad because I look at the detailed receipts and see supplies I forgot I had bought, not many, but there are a few. Sad because I have bought so many things that I have yet to use because I am a hoarder.
It was also a little happy time too, I got to take a picture of my piles of receipts and they really aren't that large this year.

I'm a bit excited about later today, Emily is getting her hair cut and has decided to go shorter. She has such a pretty face but it's hiding under her hair. I hope she doesn't change her mind at the last minute.
This is what she said she wanted as she left this morning...a haircut like Caitlyn's...<
This might be a challenge as E has real hair and it's brown, and C has cartoon animated hair that is blond.

I'm going to try not to take pictures of dog noses today. Kerry said I could make a coffee table book of dog noses, so I think that maybe I might have a problem.

I went outside! It's absolutely beautiful out today. And of course, I took my camera and let the dogs out. I'm playing with my aperture and the lighting, as much as I can without an additional flash. (don't tell Kerry, but even though I said there wasn't a single thing I would ever need again after getting the camera, I found out I will NEED a flash)

I learned a few new things...I'm falling behind on that...
1. Spring really is coming or else my tulips are in trouble.
2. I can do "left camera, right camera" from Wayne's world using the dogs as subjects.

3. Sally missed her calling as a pin-up girl. She is the biggest camera ham I have seen.

And incase I haven't mentioned it today, I love my Canon Rebel!!! LOVE IT!

I printed some pictures that I had taken with the above mentioned camera and my i9900 and holy mackeral, they are by far the best pictures ever! Or at least the best pictures today!


RAE said...

Nothing wrong with taking a multitude of photos of dog noses. I have quite a few so I bet as a collaborative venture, combined we could make an encyclopedia sized book.

Sally does indeed look like a natural model!

Are we going to see a photo of the haircut???

Kimberly said...

Laooove these photographs of the super fun!