Monday, March 31, 2008


So I was just typing my epic blog post and then it disappeared. How frustrating.

Long blog post short...
Pictures are from our late day hike in the middle of town. Great view of the whole city. The last picture is me, eyes closed, so I can't see the werewolves, and Sally making fun of me. She such a ham. (used my 50mm f1.8 for all shots, didn't even take my long lens, but I should have, even though I love that it was getting dark and I could still take these pics with my fav. lens)
I had posted about my werewolf story but now I'm too tired to retype it. Maybe later.
It was spring yesterday, today it's winter again.

Where do things go when they are lost in cyberspace?


RAE said...

I don't know where those posts go but somebody must have tons of my posts b/c mine go there a lot! Love the last photo of you & the doggies! I'm not showing pics of your hike to Sandy...she would be so jealous. The only thing she has to look forward to today is a drive over to the scrap store and she gets to stay in the car while I shop.

Kimberly said...

Totally AWESOME view...and LOVE this cute photograph of you too! xoxo
Love ya,

Cheryl said...

Great shots!

(the posts hook up with the lost socks, hang out behind the school smoking and making fun of us)