Monday, March 24, 2008

A kid makes dinner.

Tonight we had garlicky mashed potatoes with Asiago and Parmesan cheese, pork chops with roasted red pepper cream sauce and lemon pepper broccoli. I think the whole meal with all the cream was my whole day's worth of points but I'm over it. Shaun made every thing except the broccoli and Jenn peeled the potatoes. We even at at the table.
I was still channelling my inner Martha and re-covered my antique sewing chair. Boy was I ever sorry to start that project. I think the dirt and dust from hundred year old bums came out of the padding from the seat. At least that's what I think it was. It looks better than it did before, but not great. Everyone did agree it looked better and that's what I strive for, better, not the best!(my mantra for puppy school)
We are slowly moving furniture back into the living room and dining room. We still have some molding to do in the dining room and the trim around the doors is waiting for a nice day so I can paint them. We have regressed to winter weather, I'm not happy about this.

I got a card reader for my camera today. I'm sucking up the battery power uploading all my pictures and figured this was a good investment. I looked at flashes today too, and then looked away. Yikes, I can't justify the cost of a flash yet. It's not my birthday, Mother's Day, or a Thursday, so I just couldn't buy it.

We, me and Kerry, have decided to not ever promote hardwood flooring to anyone with kids and dogs. It might be the fact that 'Golden Kempis' is a softer wood, we don't know, we can't find much info on it. I think 'Kempis' is Latin for easily scratched by all organic and non-organic materials, specifically air. Do not breath on it.
Overall, we love the look, the fact that it's 'clean' as opposed to the dirt and hair trap that carpet is. I have a new obsession too, I vacuum at least 3 times a day. I don't even put the vacuum away anymore. I know when a new scratch has been installed, like the one on the reducer, I went downstairs, left kids and dogs upstairs, came back up and WHAMMO, a scratch on the reducer. Those things don't grow on trees and I made Kerry take the first one back because it had a joint in a spot I didn't approve of. We have also become obsessed with the length of the dogs claws. We trim them, we buff them, we put Rose Petal Pink polish on them. I brush the dogs about twice a day now, I have more hair on me then they do. We spend way too much time thinking, looking at, cleaning, and talking about the floor. But it's still better than the carpet, I think. I might take up drinking, then I'll be blurry eyed and won't be able to see the scratches, but with my luck, I'll pass out and come to on the floor with my eye pressed up against a scratch or when I pass out, I'll fall teeth first and take a out a tooth and a good sized chunk of wood.

Here's one for one for you...Everyone has a photographic memory, some just don't have film.

And...Know what I hate most?

Rhetorical questions. (I fall for this one frequently when Emily asks it)


RAE said...

You have such a way with words LOL! I'm home suffering with a stomach bug today so I needed a giggle. Thx.

Kimberly said...

I echo Rae are AMAZING with your words...I feel like I'm right there with ya!
Love ya,