Friday, March 28, 2008


I have totally forgotten to blog about the new things that I learn every day...
Today's new things...and maybe some from the rest of the week...
1. I am not good at improv. Hung out with Yo and the girls and we played this kind of charade game and I am terrible at thinking of a spur of the moment thing to act out.
2. My arms are weak. This is not a new thing, but after holding baby Scarlett for hours, I can barely type this.
3. I am totally addicted to Deep's Pakora Palace's samosas and I think I have just gotten Yo hooked too. Yummy!
4. Even contractor guys like Duncan don't mitre all their corners on their moldings! Kerry will be soooo happy to hear this and the moldings and trim might get put up faster.
5. Squirrels can't swim.

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RAE said...

What fun, seeing Yolanda and family. You know, I knew that squirrels can't swim. I rescued one from drowning last yr (I was wearing my jammies, morning hair sticking out all over) from our neighbor's pool. It fell in but couldn't get out. They were still sleeping so I got into superwoman mode, got hubby's fishing net thingee and ran over there and fished him out. He had been circling and was half dead. He laid still on the ground for about 1/2 hr and then up he jumped and away he ran.