Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Egg Day

We did the egg hunt thing, and are wondering how old is too old for the egg hunt? Shaun was at work so Emily had to do all the hunting. I can't figure out why the Easter bunny never counts his eggs first.

Then we did typical Easter stuff, like put up moldings, vacuumed, did dishes, and some shopping. Home Depot is open on Easter Sunday, as are a few other stores. Which made for a delicious brunch of Eggs Benedict. I have to brag and say my Hollandaise sauce is much tastier than the packages stuff but we were in a hurry and it worked in a pinch. And it didn't make me sick like the real deal does.

Then we put up more moldings, filled holes and decided the rain was coming fast so we took the dogs up to the orchard for a good romp before our Easter dinner. We thought Linus would play with Taya but it turned out that Taya was quite taken with Sally. Sally wasn't too impressed with another puppy so she had to have a chat with Taya about who was the boss.

Shaun made dessert for tonight, well, actually he just put it together. I told him what to do and left. It's a vanilla version of Death By Chocolate. Super easy, always a big hit. Use a large glass bowl so you can see how pretty it is all layered and fat filled. You need 1/2 a cake, like a Duncan Hines, Choc. or Vanilla, I bake the whole thing and freeze half for another time. Vanilla or Choc. pudding, whipped cream, and Skor bits, either broken chocolate bars or the little choc. free Skor bits. Layer 1/2 the 1/2 of cake, pudding, bits, and cream, then do it again ending with whipped cream sprinkled with Skor bits. It's best if you make it earlier in the day, although the recipe says the night before, I don't like how mushy it gets when done that way. Refrigerate.

Back in the olden days when a person had to live off the land, Kerry's pretty sure they used sticks as dog leashes. You would not believe how much this made us laugh. Linus tried to catch a ride to but was put off by the fact Taya was attached to the stick.

Late yesterday afternoon, I channelled Martha and made the prettiest cupcakes I have ever made. Little Easter egg nests complete with hand dyed coconut.


Kimberly said... LOVING these great Easter shots...and totally wanting one of those cupcakes too! ...and that yummolicious breakfast too!

RAE said...

Happy Easter! Love Linus with his bunny ears on LOL Those cupcakes look pretty yummy too! You see a pattern here???? I always love the doggie and food pics best :)