Friday, March 14, 2008


Today, Emily, Tara and I went to Costco. Sure it was payday for just about every single person in town and sure it was the last day of school before Spring Break but we were feeling good about going. That is until every one of those persons walked infront of us, budded in line, cut us off and were just generally rude to us. The last straw was when we were in line at the 'hot dog place' getting our iced mochas and a couple walk right past us to the front of the line and try to order. At least the cashier was on the ball and told them that we were in line ahead of them. But then the people are grumbling something about how unorganized the line is, it's just me and Tara in line at this point, waiting for the guy to take our order. And so when the woman says something about not knowing we were in line I said in my not so quite voice something to the effect of "Yes, we just like to stand here". She grumbled more and I could actually feel my hackles raising! And I think she was just one of THOSE people because she and her husband stomped off. The cashier even commented on the rudeness and how they just didn't get the whole idea of lining up.

So I'm off to scrub the word PUSH OVER off my forehead before Kerry gets home!


RAE said...

Yep, I can totally relate...I think there's more rude people per capita here in the lower mainland than anywhere in the world (or so it seems). I just got back from Timmies (extra lg double double with butter caramel..yum...& apple fritter...I know,not WW friendly but hey...its Friday). I had a lady cut me off and almost hit me as she turned right in front of me and cut me off, then she screeched into the Timmies lot and took my parking spot(ok not mine really but still...I wanted that spot), then I get donut but no napkin????why?...sticky fingers need a napkin and then I just came home b/c the traffic was nuts & I didn't want to deal with it.

Tara said...

LOL... I just ranted on my blog about the same thing! Only, it's about more rudness and insanity! and it's a tad bit more long winded... lol

Kimberly said...

OMGoodness...that is just so FRUSTRATING isn't it? I can't believe how selfish in general our society is becoming more and more...makes my heart sad.
Love ya,