Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dance Dance Revolution

Emily's school has a good music program, mainly because they have a very dedicated music teacher. She managed to teach every class a different ethnic dance. And for the most part, she found them costumes too. Emily's class did the Bhangra. We found an outfit at Value Village, as did most of the kids in her class.
Mom went with me and was my camera caddy. So not only do I have still shots, but live action Bhangra for Kerry to watch later. Not that I bought my camera so that I would be the envy of all the parents, but the guy next to me kept saying to his wife "I know, it's really big", I'm only hoping he meant my lens. And not that I'm a photo guru but I heard 2 moms behind me deciding to use their digital zoom and I wanted to shout "Don't do it".
Even though we thought we were 'early-birds', so were 1/2 the parents. So we ended up smack dab in the middle aisle, left side which as the Williams' Law dictates means that Emily will be on the right side! And she was. I'm glad I decided on the big lens in the end. I'm still trying to figure out the settings and speeds, so the photos are grainy, which I knew they would be. And they are yellow, which is due to the crappy gymnasium lighting. If I could get all the other parents to coordinate their picture taking, I could have used their flashes! I'm satisfied with my shots, they are better than I would have gotten with my old camera, not the best, but at least I got them.
Here's a video. Of course, my kids are never in the front row, they just aren't short enough.
The instructions in case you want to follow along.


RAE said...

How cute - I think they liked that jumping around part the best LOL

btw, don't encourage me to join in here at home. No one wants to see that!

Kimberly said...

I LOVE it when schools keep the musical departments alive...this is AWESOME! xoxo
Love ya,