Thursday, May 15, 2008

1 New Thing

Me and Tara went to our first photography class last night. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I expected to learn stuff, not to see ALL the new camera equipment out there. I expected to see photographs that made me say "I want to take pictures just like that" or "how'd he do that?" Instead it was more a show and tell. I am expecting more from the next session, it's about exposure.
What I did learn, and I need to research this, is that the UV filters that gal at London Drugs sold me might just be a waste of money. She said that they were to protect my lens from scratches and whatnot. They weren't cheap, but they weren't expensive. The instructor says they degrade the image and we don't need them, real protection filters cost $500. (which is more than my everyday lens, so why would I do that? I'd just buy another lens, but it's less than my other lens, but if spend that much on a filter, I'd never take that money sucking camera out of the house, I'd rather buy different lens anyway) soooo...When I told him I use the filter to protect my lens from dogs, kids, and mountain bikers, veins in his neck popped out and he said I had the wrong camera for that. He said if I was worried about the camera, I wouldn't get good shots, I need to worry about the photo, which I get but I also think he thinks we are there to become pros and buy professional grade cameras, I don't think anyone in the class is going to spend $10, 000 on a camera, so he can just stop there. So he didn't make a good first impression with me.
So my new thing...I might not need a UV filter, which is perfect Tara and I decided the other day that because they are always on my lenses, it's okay to toss the case they came in. Perfect!


RAE said...

I emailed you my thoughts on this class. I have Hoya filters on all my lenses b/c if I scratch or damage the glass its just the filter that needs to be replaced, not the lens itself....MUCH CHEAPER! If I'm getting paid for a shoot then I'll take the filter off but for home use, I dont' care.

Marina G said...

The general consensus is that yes it does degrade your images but not by a whole lot. On the other hand, a big scratch across your lens would really degrade your images..... your choice.

Kimberly said...

WOW! A little bit full of himself it sounds like...and I can see why he didn't impress you. I've taken several private lessons and each Professional Photographer recomended using a filter on all my lenses. I have heard about the degrading photographs with the filters, but that is also if you are buying aftermarket quality too...which would be pointless right? :)
Anyway...I think your gutt will be your discernment...and I believe there is ALWAYS something new and fun to learn about photography no matter what hot head might be teaching about it.
I have learned that many seasoned Photographers can be quite arrogant too...but I'm like a happy excited puppy to learn more great tools and tricks. :))
Love ya,
I hope your next class is BETTA!