Monday, May 19, 2008

Almost a whole weekend without blogging.

Yikes, I know my fans must be wondering where I've been and what I've been up to.
Who knows? I think we did a bit of everything.
The long weekend's almost over and this is what I did...
-went to Yolanda and Duncan's bbq, held Scarlett for a long time, got puked on, ate too much.
- had butter chicken, nan and samosas, ate too much
- weeded on Sunday for an hour during the hottest time of the day, got a rash and sore legs to show for it.
- bought spaghetti squash, zucchini and basil plants at Ogi's and their daughter was home, I went to school with her, met her son and hubby, she looks exactly the same as she did in high school.
- decided a new flash is in my future, but that it is too expensive to justify right now. I'm working on this one.
- got an email saying Cards is going to publish one of my cards.
- got sick.
- looked for new, longer shorts to buy, there aren't any in town, I may have to wear my short shorts for a bit longer.
- put up the pool, it's being filled right now.
- put up the puppy pool, it already needs to be cleaned.
- took dogs for a walk.
- forgot it was my Dad's aniversary of the day he quit drinking.
- saw nasty meat-eating birds fighting over their dinner, it wasn't dead yet. I will have nightmares about that.
- walked to my parents to see their new patio and newly extended deck.
- slept in on Sunday!
- switched to yucky disgusting soy milk in my coffee. I'm starting to think I shouldn't drink milk. It's very hard to not have dairy products. I might try rice milk this week. If it's as gross as soy, I might just skip the coffee altogether. I will send out a public service announcement warning everyone ahead of time.


RAE said...

Sounds like a busy wkend! Why no dairy??? Is this something new you're doing?

Kimberly said...

Definitely a busy yet eventful weekend for you for sure! LOVE it!