Thursday, May 08, 2008

One of THOSE days

It's been a long day. Full of not much, but enough disappointing things to warrant a bad day title.

My trip to Costco was not good, and then I tried on the 3 tops I had bought and have to return all of them, which makes me curse Costco and their no changeroom policy. Makes sense to me to have them, I think it would be less paper work for them.

Here's a couple of puppy pics, because pictures of darn dogs make me happier than the actual dog right now.
Don't look her in the eye! NOoooo I told you not to look!!!
Hurry Dad! I need to rinse out my mouth, look at how swollen my tongue is. Ith wewwwy fat.
Before PW's actions of Boost and Quick Edge Burn.
After the actions...Love them! Check out that amazing water droplet action. Can't you just feel it!

Kerry's co-worker commented on the colour of Linus, and how red he is in this picture. I didn't tell him I had boosted the colour and now upon looking at it again I realized it didn't change the redness of the dog. Just add Freakishly Red to his long list of strange attributes, Linus's list not the co-worker's


Tara said...

LOL! LOVE the new banner (can you PS H. into one like it??!)! Love the pic of Mr. L. and his wewwwy FAT tongue! Sorry you had some crummy stuff today - tomorrow is Friday! And we get to make stuff!!

RAE said...

You have such a way with always make me laugh :) I sure Hope tomorrow is a better day for ya!

BTW, I agree about how stupid it is that Costco doesn't have a changing room. I almost always have to take stuff back.

Brenna said...

Great photos and sorry about the bad day...I too could have had a better day. I dealt with ignornant people all night. AND I totally agree about the Costco thing deterrs me from buying clothes there