Sunday, May 04, 2008


I went to a NSD crop yesterday.
I'm tired today. It's amazing how tired a person can get being creative, eating and talking. Oh, and holding a baby! I got to hold baby Scarlett. She's so cute. She thinks I'm sooooo funny.

I made this after seeing BL's very cute one she made of her mom. Mine has my favourite photos in it.
I made this for a PotP crop challenge, using picures from my favourite place.

I sure hope someone got a good picture of me and the cutest baby.

Not only was it NSD, but it was Kerry's birthday. He had a lonely, but good day. No nagging, no to-do list, just him and the dogs and a long walk, a good lunch with Emily, and samosas for dinner. And I bought him a pooper scooper when I went to Vernon. That's gotta be the best birthday present ever!


RAE said...

Great pics! Love the mini album you made. BTW, Darrell got a pooper scooper for his birthday last yr (from my mom). Getting in some baby snuggles is always fun!

Dawn said...

Oh, Scarlet is a cutie!!
glad you had a fun and productive weekend :-)

Kimberly said...

Happy belated Kerry! :)
How fun for you...what a great day with LOADS accomplished...AWESOME creations girl! Love them all! xoox
Scarlet is BEAUTIFUL too!
Love ya,