Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Jolly Green Giant

I've been mowing the lawn.
This doesn't sound like a big deal but it's usually one of Kerry's 'jobs'. But lately, I come home from my walk so motivated that I figured why not mow the lawn before I shower. Helps Kerry and the dogs get to hang outside for awhile.
But of course, no day would be complete without some Linus mishap. He's not jumping in the pool anymore, but he is trying to drink out of it by placing his front paws on the top ring. I'm sure he'll poke a hole in it soon enough. Today's mishap involves the puppy pool and the freshly cut lawn. First, Linus had to toss his rock around and pull up patches of grass, so I had to stop the lawn mower twice to yell at him. Then as I was finishing up, he decides to take a swim in the puppy pool and to 'dry off' by rolling and grinding himself into the grass. I didn't realize how bad this was until we were about to enter the house. If you check the picture out, you can see his neck is green, as were his cheeks, ears, legs and paws. (his teeth on the other hand are abnormally white, all the better to bite you with!)

Emily and her Pokemon helped me with my photography class homework. I actuallly learned something last night. 3 hours of talking, and no touching of the camera does not make an easy learning environment for me, but I'm getting the law of reciprocity, I think I am getting it. Hopefully, my eyes won't glaze over when someone mentions f-stop, exposure, or ISO.

The hall is booked for the craft sale. Things have changed a bit but they(the heritage society) are bending a bit for me, it has been over 13 years so I would think they might and I do appreciate it.

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RAE said...

Poor Linus...always getting in trouble LOL Darrell read today's post and laughed about the dog stuff. I told that...see...Sandy isn't the only one who does stuff like that :)

BTW, don't talk about cutting the grass anymore LOL. D read it and of course turned to me to say....gee, she cuts the grass...why can't I???