Friday, May 09, 2008

Running out of witty titles

I was sorting photos yesterday and came across these again and they made me laugh. Hmmm...what's that? Move over Eeyore, they's something meatier to chew on.
Nice, chewing, kind of furry, I see Sally with it all time.
Now's my chance she's not looking. I can make a break for it and steal her toy.
If I could only get it, I'll pull harder... Oh sugar honey iced was the pull tab to open a can of whoop ass!

Do not forget about Mother's Day on Sunday. As Kerry explained to the kids, this is THE day you don't ever want to forget. Nothing's worse than a disappointed Mom!!!

I feel lighter this week, I should, I'm eating better, exercising, drinking copious amounts of fluids. But I also know from being on both sides of the scale that 'feeling lighter' does not translate into a loss at the scale. I don't own a scale so it's always a surprise either way for me.
I have to say the little bit of exercise I'm getting is giving me more energy which helps me claim the couch faster at night.

Do you watch the Office? I used to think that it was stupid, I couldn't stand Michael and could not watch him being such an idiot. But over time, and Kerry's insistance that it was a good show, I stopped leaving the room and started laughing like crazy. I still think Michael is a complete idiot, but everyone else makes up for it. If you watched it, was the guy that Pam was talking to at the graphic design booth Jim?

Other stuff I've been doing...
sorting photos, one step closer to photo freedom.
taking water pictures that at some point I will have to sort.

Our Urban Harvest bin had this little treat. Garlic Sprouts, different from Garlic Greens, but still tasty.
I made this with them.
And then I had some of these.
Eating better if it kills me.
Now off to find some plants for Mother's Day. And then to print some pictures to make a Kerry's Mom book.


Kimberly said...

OH those garlic sprouts sound YUMMOLICIOUS! Love these great photographs too! Such beautiful clarity! xoxo

RAE said...

I was laughing out loud at the tail pulling photos! Good for you for staying within your pts this wk. I ate my pts and yours this wk. I too love the office and want to download all the episodes b/c I've only seen a few of them.