Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Anniversary to ME, I mean US!

Today is our 13th anniversary, we've been together 15 years if my accounting program is correct.
Today, I leave before 4 pm, Kerry gets home around 4:45, takes E. to music, I get home around 7 and start my class at 7:15. I plan on seeing Kerry at about 9 pm. tonight. I said we should just pretend the 13th anniversary is like the 13th floor of a building and skip it.
So since mid-April we have had a million babies born, about 1/2 a dozen birthdays, probably some stuff I'm forgetting, and we still have today, and Mother's Day. Which I heard Kerry telling the kids it's THE most important day and they better not forget it. We have a long standing "Plant Mom's Stuff" day on Mother's day but this year with Linus and his penchant for plant destroying, I'm thinking I want to have "Make Mom Twice Baked Potatoes and Do All Her Bidding" day.
Just so you can understand my situation...2 pictures, 1 of Sally loving the beautiful flowers and 1 of Linus loving the beautiful flowers.

And I've been using some PW Actions in PS7. I love them. They are great for the lame-o like me. Here's the cutest, bestest baby in the world, again.

Don't you just want to eat her up? Those Robinson's make cute babies.


RAE said...

Happy Anniversary! Baby, doggies and flowers make for great photos!Love all of em today!

Kimberly said...

Happy ANNIVERSARY lady!!!
What great shots and LOVE the baby pics too! xoxo