Friday, May 02, 2008

Holy Mackeral! This is where the panic sets in.

I have less than 18 hours to pack for the crop.
If you consider that I need 8 of those hours to sleep, maybe 1 hour to eat, 2 hours to shop at Lulu Lemon, 1 hour to clean up my space so I can see what I own, 1 hour for bathroom/personal stuff, that leaves me less than 5 hours to pack all the essentials for a scrapbooking filled day.
I've pretty much decided to print pictures like crazy, take all my embellishments, patterned paper and acrylic stamps, maybe some ink, some card stock(not the right colours of course) and maybe a few last minute panic items that I will toss in the bag, and I will spend all my time holding baby Scarlett. I'm going to regret not lifting weights and strengthening my upper body but that's the price you pay for luvin' babies! I've even gone so far as to ask Yo what she's dressing Scarlett in so I can co-ordinate for photos. I am taking my camera.
I could take my photos, and organize them now that I've read PhotoFreedom and have the 'tools' to get them organized, I might take some magazines/books to get caught up on, I will take some snacks, and maybe a nap. 11 hours of cropping will probably kill me, but with a nap, I should be good for a few more hours.
I did get my class layout and cards for next week finished today, from start to finish. But now my table is a mess, I have more stuff in pizza boxes than I care to admit.
I got these last week and love them!
This I found on I think it's great.

Enjoy National Scrapbooking Day!

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RAE said...

Love those stamps. I have a thing about birds. You can never have enough bird stamps. Who makes this set?