Friday, May 23, 2008

That Dog

Lately, I am finding myself saying things like "That dog" and "That dog is the bane of my existence" and "That dog is worse than having another kid". And then That Dog puts his head on my lap and talks to me in his best Chewbacca voice and I forget about all the grief he has given me.

Today, he was in attack mode, which is weird to see a golden do, but the hackles were up and the hair on his bum was up, and he was spitting and barking because the neighbour was talking to him. Normally, he's Mr. Sunshine and Lollipops for strangers, after Sally deemed the neighbour worthy of pets, Linus started singing a different tune. He turned into Mr. Look At Me! He crawled under a juniper bush and dug out a tree stump that I didn't even know was there. He pulled and dug and dug some more and come out with this huge chunk of tree, and then went back for a branch or two off the bush. Then he ran circles around the pool and then tried unsuccessfully 3 times to get in it. Then he decided if he can't get over the sides, why not go under, and started digging under the edge of the pool. The whole time, the neighour was just enthralled with how gorgeous he is and how big, and how strong and determined.

I was thinking "Ah, do you want a dog, CHEAP?"
I'm sure this is his best "I don't know what you are talking about" pose. The above photo is how he stands for part of the day, on a wooden crate so that he can see over the railing into the neighbours yard because you never know what that other dog might be doing and maybe just maybe you can hit him with a big rock. Really, someone lined the rocks up and they just happened to be in his head resting spot, but I sure wouldn't want to walk under him and those rocks, I could see the headlines...Woman killed when dog dropped rock on her head, which would be better than having your face chewed off while you were in a drug induced snooze.

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rae said...

ha ha...gotta love em! Sandy was a big pain in the butt this wkend, she knocked D's coffee over about 5times in the trailer and now I'm doing laundry for the coffee soaked area rug and the throw for the couch that is full of dirt and fur. She's now behind my chair snoozing after a full wkend of dragging twigs, rocks, pinecones and dirt thru the trailer.