Thursday, May 01, 2008

I survived!

Somehow, we ended up with 9 kids, 2 larger teens, and 3 adults at Scandia (Emily said only 8 were coming) but we did just fine. 12 yr. olds are talkative, they discussed at length geography,opinionated, and some are rude. They ate all the pizza and almost all the cake, good thing I picked up chips. My tummy's not so happy, but the kids were.
They played games, won tickets and prices, and mini golfed. If you want to torture yourself, take 9 12 year olds mini golfing. I have never seen so much cheating, bickering and misbehaving before. Kerry had it easy, his group consisted of 1 well behaved 12 yr. old and 2 18 yr. olds.
I had 8 12 yr. olds. I feel hung over today.

Scandia knows how to treat the birthday girl right, she got a card with a picture of her and the cake, much like mine above, extra tokens, and tickets and when she turned in her prize tickets she didn't have enough for the squeaky inflatable mallet, but they gave it to her anyway.
And because 12 yr. olds are hard to shop for, this one got hundreds of dollars in gift certificates for all kinds of places! We will be planning a girls shopping spree soon.
In other news, I'm not ready for the crop, my classes next week, or the dentist today. I'm not that worried about the dentist, I like to floss and brush, I just don't like it when someone else does it for me.


RAE said...

Sounds like Emily had a great time! Love the photo with her swinging the mallet LOL! I hate going to the dentist but go every 3mths to keep on top of things. My dentist told me it was the best checkup ever and the only new thing was I was using the Crest Prohealth toothpaste and mouthwash. I highly recommend it!

Kimberly said...

LOL...this is great! Sounds like good times...not surprised when it's involving you sweet lady! xoxo