Friday, December 05, 2008

Another thing I'm doing...

I sent this out by email to everyone I could think of. I know a few of you read my blog, but I also know some people I don't know read my blog too. It's always nice to be in a place where you can help those in need and we like to help out our locals at this time of year. Needing help has hit closer to home this year in the form of a good friend whose son is in the hospital with a very rare disease. The following is the email I sent out, if you can help that would be wonderful!

I know it's that time of year when money is a little tighter, but I also know that it's the time of year for wanting to help those in need. I am all for helping people I don't know, but it means a little more when I can do something to help someone I do know.

We know of a family that is too proud to ask for help. Their child has a very rare disease, Wilson's disease, and not all medical costs are covered. I know that Christmas is the last thing on this family's mind because all they want is for their child to improve and to be able to go home.
I'm asking you as a friend of Heather and Kurt Wallman's to help in any way you can. I am sending this to you because I know that in some way Heather or Kurt has been a part of your life, maybe a small part, maybe you purchased crafts from Heather at a craft sale or attended a scrapbooking retreat with her, maybe you know Kurt through his hobbies or work, either way, I am hoping that you might help out.

Some ways you could help that would be greatly appreciated...
-baking an extra dozen cookies
-purchasing a gas card to help relieve the cost of driving to the hospital every day
-making a dozen extra Thank You cards
-making frozen meals
-picking up a few non-perishable products or gift cards to grocery stores
Any gesture that would help ease the stress no matter how little it might seem to you would be a great help to them.

You can mail items to my address...
The Wallmans
c/o Kelli Williams
315 Adventure Road,
Kelowna, B.C.
V1X 1N5
or if you have something to drop off, you can call me at 250-765-4656 and we can arrange something.

Please respect the family's decision to not be contacted directly.

Thank you and have a safe holiday season!

Today, I am making casseroles to freeze so that Kurt and Heather have something easy to warm up after their long days at the hospital.

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Heather said...

Your good friend loves you vey much!

But, seriously...stop making me cry!!