Sunday, December 28, 2008

Losing track of time

It's so hard when the holidays fall mid-week to figure out what day it is. And to make it even harder, the regular tv shows aren't on so I really am lost. I do know that Christmas dinner #2 is tonight, so that makes it Sunday.
We made plans to go for a first-thing in the morning dog walk, but it was too early for certain people, you know who you are. So we went out on our own. Emily doesn't usually want to dog walk but the thought of getting in a few snowy downhill slides got her up and ready faster than the Birlew/Liddicoat troop.
I took my little camera, it's finicky in the cold, so I tried to keep it under my coat, but my coat won't zip up for some reason. (and it's not because of holiday eating)
I managed to get a few shots, on SNOW mode, that turned out okay. Linus wouldn't sit still long enough for a group shot so we made do without him.

Although later on, he had to lay down and cool off a few times. You can make out Sally's snowpants in this picture. Poor things!
Kerry took this one of me sliding down the hill on my bum. We couldn't find the crazy carpets and the gt snowracers were too heavy to pack into the woods.
And these too goofs managed to make a few decent faces for me.


RAE said...

I love you and Emily's hats! Our snow is really wet and yucky now. Its supposed to rain all wk and (fingers crossed) hopefully there won't be any major flooding around here.

Brenna said...

I love your hats too, so cute. Great photos.