Thursday, December 11, 2008

Because I FELT like it!

I wasn't going to sew another thing today. I promised to clean up my table and get my cards started. Which I kind of did. I cleaned enough space off do get most of my cards addressed. But then I found all kinds of things under the layers of scrap on my table. And a few of those things got finished or put away.
While watching ER I got the idea to make a cinnamon bun, originally it was for my friend, Terrell. I think we must have made cinnamon buns years ago the first day of the year that it snowed. So now every time the first snow comes, we call each other and wish we were making cinnamon buns, I don't think either one of us actually does. I thought I would make this, scent it with cinnamon oil, that I had from my soap making days, but I couldn't find it and then Emily said it needed a face like her others and she told me to give it "^ ^" eyes, so I figured what the heck, she needs a bun too. ( check out my almost even blanket stitching!)
And then I thought cupcake hair clips would be super cute. But my cupcakes look like the mushrooms from Super Mario.

Now the kid wants felt sushi.

We had Shaun's girlfriend for dinner, she's allergic to wheat so for dessert he picked up a rice cake. Not the Quaker mini rice cakes, but an actual chocolate cake made from rice flour from Choices. It cost him $25 for a 7 inch 3 layer cake. After the initial "this is kind of weird" taste, it was actually pretty good, not $25 good, but the icing was real butter cream and not that lard cream that you find used too often now. Emily even ate her whole piece, Emily of No Chocolate Cake Passes These Lips.

Off to bed to dream of other foods I can make from felt while procrastinating about what I really should be doing.


Kyla said...

How ADORABLE! You're just TOO crafty!

And I'm with you on the procrastination thing . . . still have to get cards addressed and mailed, but was otherwise occupying myself wrapping gifts. It's all good. Right?! lol

Have a great day!

RAE said...

Super cute! I watched ER too. I'm going to miss that show when the season ends (forever). I felt like that last wk too when Boston Legal finished forever and I realized I wouldn`t be laughing at Allan & Denny`s escapades.