Friday, December 26, 2008

My Stomach Hates Me!

We are in need of some fruits and veggies. Or more importantly, our digestive system is! Kerry didn't want to go out on Boxing Day to get veggies so we will suffer another day!

We watched The Dark Knight today. It was really good. I don't consider myself a Batman fan, but I have seen all the movies, mostly because Kerry has seen them. I did notice that Shaw on Demand had Tropic Thunder also, it was good, crude but really funny. Batman was not funny.

I think we have officially gotten rid of 97% of my Christmas baking. I didn't think we had, but then I was trying to find some butter tarts and they are gone, as is the fudge, both kinds, Naniamo bars, peanut butter bars, ginger cookies, tiger butter, and all the other good stuff. I am pretty sure 48% of it is on my hips, but the rest was given away. We do have fruit cakes left, so all is not lost.

We had to do some major kitchen cupboard organization today. We have lots of stuff we never use, and a bunch of new things to stuff in their place, we got rid of 2 large boxes of unused things. Both the panini press and Margaritaville blender are getting good use. I am seriously considering taking up drinking so that I can have margaritas and pina coladas.

Some of our Christmas highlights...
Emily got a billion new Copic markers for Christmas, and a case to hold some of them in. That kid probably has over 60 markers and she uses them daily. It's been a very good investment.
Shaun got an America's Test Kitchen cookbook that I can't wait to try out.
Kerry got a nice little headlight, goes on his head, it's great for late night/early morning dog outings.
I didn't have as much under the tree because I had gotten my flash early, but I still got spoiled. Wallets(yes, plural), socks, a winning lottery ticket, a Raving Rabbid game, pjs, new cuttlery, a baby bear from Saje that has a removable microwavable warming pouch. He's very cute, smells good and warms me up in bed, kind of like Kerry but softer.


RAE said...

We have too much baking left even after giving a whole bunch of it away. I am trying to dwindle the amount as much as possible. Today I have had 2 cookies, a butter tart and a peanut butter/marshmallow I'm just waiting a decent amount of time to start in one them again for lunch LOL There will be no healthy food in this house for a few more days. Next wk I forsee a LOT of salads and veggies in my meal planning.

Veronica said...

Oh the joys of overindulging at Christmas!! Hope your tummy gets better soon!
PS thanks for the are so talented!!