Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Too Cold

It's so cold the snot freezes in your nose the instant you step outside. Right now our thermometer says it's -20 and it doesn't measure windchill. I know there are places that are colder than we are, and that this is winter, but we had no trial period, no leading up to it, no dipping our ftoes in. We were tossed in without warning to the snow and the cold. Someone falsely led us to believe it would be mild and dry like our fall. Although I always wish for snow for Christmas.
The kids don't like it, the dogs don't like it, the vehicles are protesting. Kerry announced we need block heaters for the vehicles, I laughed at him, and said so does everyone in town, and I'm sure they thought of it yesterday and all the stores are sold out. I really don't want to go to work tonight!
My cousin gave Emily 2 huge gabage bags full of clothes, most of which Emily said she would never wear. As I'm going through them I find a bunch of down filled vests and my first thought was "I wonder if Linus will wear this?" Once he stopped chewing it, he might notice that it keeps him warm.
I didn't take my ibuprofen before bed last night, I figured my eye poking headache had to be gone, it's been a week. I was wrong. I woke up with it. I am beginning to think it's not sinusitis. I need a lobotomy.


RAE said...

I can't believe you still have that headache...you poor thing! Doesn't seem to have affected your creativity tho :)

It's colder there than here but here still feels pretty darned cold! Apparently we're getting snow tonight so I need to get to the mall as soon as possible and get some shopping done.

Veronica said...

Hey sweetie....you look after yourself! I need you around for my daily read!